Hydra or R.Gray 1200 S or PS-600 ??

Hydra or R.Gray 1200 S or PS-600 ??
Can somebody tell me the difference of those 3 different powerconditioners ?
A few days ago I received my Hydra. For the last week and a half I have been burning-in all brand new equipment in my garage. I am building a new HT room. The equipment that I have choose is as follows: Theta Dreadnaught, Theta Casablanca II and Theta David II transport with Wilson Audio Cub II and Wilson Audio Watch Surround. The cabling is the Analysis Plus Silver Oval Speaker and Harmonic Tech. Magic IC. For power I choose the BMI Whale Power Cords and the Shunyat Hydra. When I received the Hydra at 10:45 A.M. I could not wait to install it in my system. I plugged it in and let it rip. I thought I noticed a difference, but I had to go to work. When I got home, I went out to the garage and put in David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust Gold CD. It diffently sounded different, so I crawled under the table and plugged everything back into the wall. I let it rip again and it sounded more muddled, so I replugged everything back into the Hydra and did my final listening. I was amazed how different it sounded, how much blacker the back ground was, how much cleaner everything sounded. I do not understand how electricity can make a difference, but it makes a HUGE difference. I have read many theads on Audiogon were old timer Hi/Fi people say it is snake oil, they have no idea how good their system could sound. When you don't have an open mind you loose out on what life has to offer. The Hydra is a difficult piece of equipment to breakin I am told. It is also suppost to get much much better as it breaks-in. I have taken it out of my system and have hooked it up to a oil heater and fan, and it has been their for the last 4 days. If you do a search on treads, you can read more information on the Hydra posted on Audiogon. Tomorrow I am going to do the same test with the BMI Whales and stock power cords and let people know what I think of the Whales. I owe that to Brian the owner of BMI, he is the nices guy to deal with. They are suppost to sound very close to the King Cobra V2's but cost $2100 less.
Power conditioners and power cords and speakers wire and silver IC's are for fool and more fools. What a waste of money. If u want to prove it to urself just connect ur tv to it. No improvement. Its only a way of parting a fool from his money. HAHA. Hey, I just made a deal with a poster here to buy his Harmonic Tech AES/EBU digital silver cable. Next its the Monarchy DIP. If u guys will buy the current issue of THE AUDIO CRITIC it lists 10 rip offs of audio. Burn in is one of them. Ur speakers need a couple of hours and thats all. So get a life or something.
PLEASE restrain yourselves from responding to this troll (and this post) so we can stay on topic.
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Hi ! Thanks you all for your replies till now, but nobody from this forum had really told me the differences in sound between the units, everybody just talked about how good or how bad the units are and not the differences between them.
I hope to hear more from people who previously owned all 3 brands.
Rademaker, I'm not aware of anyone whos tried all three to date. The folks who have ordered the Hydra haven't gotten them in long enough to pass judgement (I think) I would talk to Stuart at A Sanctuary of Sound, the guy is honest and helpfull, see what he says and come back to report your findings. J.D.
Hi Jadem6 !
What is his e-mail address and website so I can ask him ?
Rademaker, the email is wkendenvir@aol.com You can find his Audiogon catalog at "A sanctuary of sound" under the listed dealers.
Thanks Jadem6, I will e-mail him, and let you know
I've got a Whale and Shunyata Vipers/Sidewinders. I'm considering doing the same thing. The Hydra burned-in yet?