Hybrid or tube int?

I am considering the following ints and need your opininons. Speakers are Dynaudio 1.3mkII ( 86db,4ohm). Which is the right match?

Unison Research Unico Hybrid Int.
Pathos Classic One II
Cary SLI-80
Jadis Orchestra Ref.
PrimaLuna Prologue One/Two

or any other ?
As usual it depends. If you have a small room and don't play music loud very often then it probably doesn't matter. Other than that, the hybrid would be the better option. These speakers need some current in order to play loudly or to not compress dynamic musical peaks. Enjoy listening.
Thanks Jayarr... I have small room and don't need high volumes. Which int. amp. do you prefer in thisc case?
I own a Pathos Logos and have listened to the new Classic One.Dont think that you can wrong with either.Dynaudio will match well with the Pathos products.I do feel that you need at least 100w(good watts) for the Dynaudios,bit insensitive and the imp a bit low.Advantage is that it is a constant lowish imp so does not put a lot of strain on the amp .I therefore think the Logos would be a better bet.Best is to try the Classic One with the speakers.
I would favour the Hybrids for the Dynaudios,but may be wrong,perhaps the tube amps mentioned works well.You will have to try them.
Good Luck
Any other opinions?
I am driving a pair of Totem Tabu's (86db 6ohm), similar drivers, with an un-modded Cayin TA-30 with good results. The Cayin is very similar in design to the PrimaLuna, and I am either upgrading to a PrimaLuna or getting a modded Cayin in the near future. It is quite an impressive design for the price, although I have not heard any of the other amps you have mentioned.
I heard the Pathos Logos with the Dyn 1.3 Mk II's and really liked the combo. It sounded great and the Pathos is real eye candy.

"EYE CANDY" very nice description !!! I agree very beautiful design.

Another vote for the PrimaLuna. I got a One and it works quite well on some Dynaudio driver based speakers I have. At medium volume in a medium room it drove these 86db 6ohm speakers very well. Very musical and detailed - the bass was full but could have been a little tighter. In your case since you will be driving only Dyna's I would probably go for the Prologue Two - it should have a tighter bass because of the larger power tubes and other upgrades. Tube rolling in this amp is really very effective so you really can tune it easily.