HW-19 Armboard Source? Alternatiive?

I just heard from VPI they have no more HW-19 armboards!! What gives with that? Now what, I need a Rega armboard!!!
Anyone else run into this?
Hello Gerard,
I have emailed you ealier today, and I hope I have given you some ideas. As for VPI, I reckon there's pro, and con, and ultimately, VPI's employees do what thier employers tell them to do.

There's of course pro, and con about this support issue, and as you know, VPI supported this table for 25 years. Some will tell you, they should've continued support regardless.

Much of the components of the HW-19 were probably outsourced from other vendors, and as time passed, VPI probably broke these ties.

As I mentioned, Dave at Valleyplastic should be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Since you mention here the need of a Rega Armborad, this should not be that hard to do, once knowing Arm Pivot-Spindle distance.

He could probably provide the Blank Armboard, with mounting Screw Holes already provided. If it is a problem then drilling the Armboard for Mounting Hole locally, I guess the only alternative would be to acquire the Armboard, mark it for needed position of hole, the spec for hole size, and then again ship it back to dave for Drilling.

About the only thing I failed to mention previously, was the hopeful cosmetic match with existing HW-19 Plinth?

I would assume the materials are the same, that VPI used a Black Acyrlic, and not some other material, such as Delrin, Phenolic, etc? Mark
Hi I just emailed some info on where to find arm boards. But frankly it is not that big of deal. It is either 1/2" or 1" thick piece of black acrylic. You have your existing one for a guide for size and screw holes. Get a Rega mounting template for the arm hole location. All you have is the one hole. You could also try this out of Corian or wood.

WE have plastic houses that have scrap that they will cut to size open to the public, or a countertop supllier for Corian