Humbled by indecision

I am torn as to my decision on upgrading from budget HT/Audio to something more refined. I have listened to B & W CM1's, 683's and Monitor Audio RS6 for my fronts and I love them all! Currently have Def Tech Pro Monitor 450s, Martin Logan Matinee Center and Def Tech 800s for surrounds with a Velodyne Sub. I currently have a Pioneer Elite Receiver but I am upgrading to the new Emotiva Pre Amp and Emotiva 5 channel amp as my first foray into separates. Room is 15 feet by 18 feet with some sound treatment panels. I would truly value the forums experience and expertise into helping make this decision. I would put my listening at 30% Blu Ray Concerts and DVD's such as Diana Krall, The Last Waltz, Allison Krauss, 20% Movies, 20% Music CD's 30% Sports and TV. Thank you in advance for your help and replies as it will be taken openly and sincerely!
I have found,in my limited HT experience, that a speaker system from the same mfg. blends together more seamlessly.Just my thoughts.
check out Salk Sound Songtowers
do a search here or on audiocircle
incredible sounding and craftmanship

Paralysis by analysis?

First off I’d add or step up to the new electronics and see how they work with what’s on hand.

One move at a time is also a more insightful way to predicate decisions. It’s easier and simpler too.

After that consider the needs of the newly proposed speakers… if any are then still desired/needed.

Adding speakers to amps is a key thing to do and certain parameters need to be addressed and satisfied. Following that your preffs and budget will determine which are the ones you can get.

Staying in the same makers ball park for HT is a very good idea. Of primary importance is for the front 3 to be as cohesive as possible. Surrounds could be moved in & out from other lines if necessary. The info there is getting better but it’s still ambience more often than not.
I couldn't agree with Tpreaves more. The only way to achieve a good balance with timber and audio transition from front to back or sides to front is to operate with the same speakers. I would go even further and say all the speakers should really be the same speaker.
For example, I'm using monitor audio GR20's for my fronts
GR10's for the rears, GR center, GRFX for the sides. They all have the same 6.5" driver and 1" tweeter.