Hum with surge protector

I am getting hum when ML amp is plugged into Brickwall protecttor. Any ideas?
Transformer hum or.......a hum in the speakers (ground loop)?

If a ground loop hum, then try removing the AC ground on the amp with a cheater plug.
Sugarbire has a good suggestion. I had a PS Audio HCA-2 that put a hum in the speakers even after removing the ground. Had to plug the amp right into the wall. I use a Tripp-Lite isotel.
I had a ground loop hum in my ML speakers when plugged into the MR1200. The dealer recommended that I plug the speakers into the wall, and that solved the hum problem...but it left me withour surge protection for the speakers.
Float the ground. Systems hooked to the same source of ac often have ground loop problems. Cable TV is a disaster, as it acts as a megaphone in 60cycle.
The ground is a safety precaution which is not necessary. Using another ac outlet will usually accomplish the same, unless of course you have the dreaded cable tv hooked into your hifi system, (yeah, yeah, its heresy, but it is fun to hear the air moving around in the studio while watching Letterman). HA!