Wiremold w/ surge

I've been using a Wiremold strip for my audio recording equipment, PC-based DAW, couple keyboards. Of late, now thinking of surge protection for this. Tripp Lite makes an Ultrablok 2-outlet unit that looked reasonable. Thought to plus into the wall, then - similar to what I have - plus the wiremold into one of the outlets of the Ultrablok. But Tripp Lite says no. And their insurance won't cover anything not directly plugged into their unit.

Any technical reason why this wouldn't work? They wouldn't state that. The obvious option is to purchase a good quality surge device with multiple outlets, but the Wiremold is doing good service and is built well.

Appreciate your help with this.
By limiting the insurance in that way, they eliminate the possibility that you won't daisy-chain 200-300 devices. The real consideration is the current load you need to handle, not the number of outlets.