Hum in Speakers - AMP switched to Phono


I have a Denon 5700 A/v Receiver and just purchased an NAD 533 turntable.

When the Denon is switched to Phono I hear a very noticeable hum coming from the speakers.

All my equipment is on a dedicated circuit and I am running everything thru a PANAMAX Line Conditioner.

I have not had a turntable since I was a kid and just got a hold of a bunch of vinyl.

Is the hum supposed to be there ??????


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Elizabeth is right again, but you might also need to check your outlet as well. I had a situation in my house where the plugs were replaced (old two prongers to "modern" three prongers) but they didn't actually ground the outlets - hence, looked good, didn't ground a thing. Being a former builder, I rectified said stupidity (actually re-wired the outlet, since not only wasn't it properly grounded, they had the polarity reversed as well - "egads" says I), and lived hum free thereafter. I'll probably be chasing down this problem on every plug in the house for a while, but at least I've got good music to accompany me!

Something else to consider re: ground loop problems. CATV lines are a common source of ground loops if you have a TV connected to the receiver, and a CATV line going into the TV (or VCR or whatever). I had a ground loop problem related to a CATV line, and for some reason I only heard hum or buzzing through the phono system (probably because it's a lower level signal). The problem was solved by inserting a Jensen isomax transformer before the cable box, cost around $50.