HT / Audio system Recommendations under 15K.

I am looking to install a HT/Audio system for a second room about 14 by 16ft.
My main system consists of a lex/linn set up.

Currently looking at the Linn DVD classic/Linn Komponent speakers, the Meridian 3100 speaker / DVD player, NHT dx system, Revel gems,

I am looking for a system for both movie and audio use with a realatively clean look and easily upgradable or interchangable for the future.

I am open for used/demo models in my search as well as going with a 2/3 speaker set to start and add the rest later.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.
I like the LINNs but... you might wish to wait till DVD players are out with 1080P if your display can take it.

There are darn near an infinite number of permutations you could put together, but for a simple answer, the LINNs will do the deal.

Bob Wood

Here are my recommendations as a second system:
1) Project: LCD Sanyo Z4 or Z5- $2100
2) Stewart greyhawk 80-100 in- $1700.00
3) B&K Ref 50 II and amps or Reciever- $2300-3400
4) Sub: Velodyne DD15- $2200
5) Speakers: Gershman Accoustic RX20-front (small foot print12"X12") and CC1-center- $4300.00
6) DVD player: Since 1080P players are not mature at the moment, I recommend you spent $200.00 on a cheap DVD player OPPO971 with superior video-1080i.

Please let me know if I can further help.
I guess I should be more specific.

My display will be either a pioneer elite 50" or the hitachi 55".
1080P not a priority at this time.

Music and video equally important.

Budget of 10-15K for the speakers (either 2 mains to start, or 5.1 set) and
DVD player + processor + amp, or DVD player + receiver (lex?), or all in one.

Looking at the classic dvd + komponents, dvd player + Meridian dsp speakers, and others

Anyone have a system in this range you are happy with?

Until recently I had a similar setup and was quite happy...

Arcam AV8 preamp/processor($3000)
Arcam P7 multichannel amp(3000)
Vandersteen 2 Ce Signature Speakers ($1100)
Vandersteen VCC-1 Signature center channel ($600)
Sony 999es CD/DVD with Modwright Platinum Truth Mod ($1800)
Paradigm 20s or newer model surrounds ($500)
Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X2 interconnects for left, right, and center speakers ($1500)
Synergistic Research Resolution Ref. X2 speaker cables for left and right and center ($2000)
Synergistic Research Master Coupler Active X2 power cords for amp, preamp, and cd/dvd player ($1000)
Transparent Reference Digital cable ($600)

As you want to upgrade, the Arcam AV8 and P7 will provide a good starting point and the cables will make a lot of different setups really shine. The Sony 999ES with Modwright Platinum Truth mods is amazing. The Vandersteens will be easy to sell later on and the Transparent Reference digital cable is really tough to beat for only $600 on audiogon. Later on you can also add a sub if you want. This system will give you awesome movies and pretty darn good 2 channel.
Anthuan - i would like to know where to get a Velodyne DD15 for $2200

I've recently heard a 6.1 home theater using the B&K Ref50 and the Blue Sky System 1's. Gotta say its better than everything I've heard before...and it won't come close to maxing your 15K budget. Reach out to D_Edwards, tell him I sent you. If for nothing else, he's full of HT information. And he could probably save you a bit of money too.