How to shield cable ?

I'm trying to make cables for myself, I collected some good wire and RCA connectors.
But I had some bad experiences in the past with unshielded cable. Can someone give me guidance how to do it ? Where to find material ?...
tqn999 has all sorts of this sort of thing. You connect the shield at the source end of the cable on the ground portion of the rca. The shield is not connected at the other end. This site has braided copper mesh and lots of cool stuff for DYI cables and other projects.
Hi, I'm interested to know why you don't use coaxial cable which is inherently shielded ? I always use a high quality (silver plated copper, PTFE) coax and it has sounded quite good to me, with excellent shielding. Do you think it's better to do your own shielding ? Or is it a matter of having the wire available ?
After some very dissappointed investments in cables, even I did hear very minor differences which I don't have good words or analytical skill to put it in words, I decided to learn for myself if cable does help.
I have some high quality pure silver wire and pure copper wire, I want to put together in different format, like copper only, silver only, copper(+) with silver(-) - my favorite, and copper(-) with silver(+).

I also have more than one size and want to compare solid core with stranded...
Another testing is braided format, but I save it later.
Ok ... thanks for the answer. FYI I made interconnects recently and the improvements were startling, not subtle (previous interconnects were also home brew, but equal to $100 audioquest ICs).

Here's a link to a previous post of mine describing where I got my cable and RCAs (if link doesn't work search forums for Maplin) ....


as for can use tin foil if you are getting radio stations.

as for diy get a copy of super cables cookbook it was very enlightening. foils and fine solid wire is the only way to go.

good luck