How to set anti-skate on Thorens Tonearm ???

I recently acquired a Thorens TD-318 with the TP-21 arm. It has the double anti-skate arms, the manual is confusing, how do I simply set 2 grams anti-skate??

Other than having a friend set it with test gear many years ago I've always set anti-skating by ear.

Use an assortment of mono LP's in good condition and if your preamp has a mono switch all the better.

You will want to pay special attention to the last third of the LP.

My current system does not have a mono switch, but this method still works fine.
Agree with Dekay.

The second post on this thread is also helpful. Anti-skate cannot be (usefully) set by any scale or numbers on a tonearm (even if it has good instructions). The only relevant way to adjust antiskate is by ear, using the LP's you actually play (NOT test records).