how to get the remote app on iPod touch to work??

bought an ipod touch and installed a router just for the purpose of controlling my itunes library on my mini.
Have downloaded the remote app on my iPod. have both the mini and iPod connected to the same network. enabled home sharing in iTunes. however, when attempting to enable home sharing on my ipod I always get an error message. also when the ipod is attemting the get the itunes library I get an error message.

I use a 3G modem to connect my mini the the net. the router I've just installed is not used to connect the ipod to the net. Just bought it to use the iPod as a remote for iTunes.

does anyone got an idea how to solve this problem? Nothing I googled addressed this problem.
Used to be pretty simple -- but haven't done it since the latest update to iTunes, so things may have changed.

Step one, make sure that the Mini and the Pod are in fact connected to the same wireless network. Sounds like you've got that dialed in.

Step two, open the remote app on the Pod. If things go as planned, because it's not paired with anything yet, it will give you a four-digit code.

Step three, now, go to iTunes on the Mini. Once upon a time, you'd have a sidebar/tray menue with all library entries and devices. These days, with the latest update to iTunes, the default is to turn this off. I turned mine back on. Which is to say, if you haven't turned yours back on, not sure where you'll find it. But if it is on, and you do have that sidebar display, iTunes should have by now recognized that your Pod is out there slumming about on the same network, running the remote app, and looking for a friend -- should be selectable as a "device". (And if your sidebar isn't on, there will likley be a "device" menue burried in iTunes somewhere. Yes, seems you have to hunt for everything.) Once you find it, open it, you then enter the code that the App on the Pod had given you in the prior step, and then you're all synched and ready to fire. The App will controll the paired iTunes account.

Home sharing and any other iTunes settings like that aren't at all relevant to this process. While you may or may not be interested in that stuff, don't let it distract you from the App / Remote issue. The remote app doesn't share, or host, or stream anything. It is just a remote control for an iTunes program and library resident elsewhere. (In other words, the iTunes libarary / app on the Pod is entirely unrelated -- for remote purposes, ignore it).

Hope that helps.
thanks. the problem was a simple one I read somewhere after this post. turn off the firewall. now the app works fine!
Go to your router setup screen, there should be a button for DHCP Reservation. Click on it. You will see a list of devices connected to your router, select the ipod. Then click the add client button, then the save settings button. This will add the ipod to the client list and it will be connected even if a fire wall is turned on. This way your wireless network will be secure. You can also add the other devices in your home and they will always be connected with the same IP addresses. This helps if you ever setup a server or other network features.