Remote control for Turntable?

Hi gang! I love the sound of vinyl but really hate getting up to change the records and especially hate if there is a song on i want to skip and i'm all the way across the room. i get up, lift the arm and put it down on the next track and by the time i get back to my chair, the song is half over! my solution so far has been a diy pulley system rig (email me for blueprint) with a string which i can give a little tug on to move the needle. have had ok results but not very precise results. my girlfriend doesn't like this option and her damn screaming from the other room drives me so nuts i hesitate to skip tracks this way and often wind up reluctantly listening to music i'd really rather not. i have been searching for a turntable with a remote (i assume it'll be ex-spen-sive-O (which is fine) but have had no luck. please advise
Which is worse? The girlfriend screaming or the scraping sound of the stylus digging across the vinyl? I'd get a new girlfriend and buy plenty of copies of the vinyl. :)
The Goldmund Reference comes to mind, where the tonearm had a control unit, with a control-cable inbetween, of about 6ft length. You could operate the arm from the turntable itself or through the control unit. They are out of production for a log time now, but you can find them used occasionally in the US or in Europe but hardly ever under 12.000 bucks US. So a nice oilwell is necessary, I suppose.
If vinyl replay is such an inconvenience, I suggest you give it up altogether! You didn't say in your post, but are you in some way crippled or wheelchair-bound, or just extremely lazy? An Aiwa 5 disc CD changer can be purchased at Best Buy for well under $100. I am often irritated myself at the need to wipe my own a**, but that is just a part of life, isn't it?
Actually, I thought this post to be the most hilarious trolls I've seen in a while.At least this guy has a sense of humour.

Still chuckling,
Good post Caterham1700. I think you're right on, and I mustered up a smile too. Cheers. Craig.
i agree that this thread is a great troll but if anyone really cares: you can still find airtangent reference tone arms that have remote control of vta adjustment. and, yes, it really does work with records in play. -kelly
Thanks Kublakhanpics you have made my "laugh of the day" Will
Technics made a remote control turntable model SL15. It is a linear tracking table with an alloy frame. These were made in the early 80's and were around 800.00 new. Maybe you could find one of these.