How to get one the best 2009 sound from 1986 DAC

Hello Guys,

Even I'm a Vinyl Addict I still own a CD as many other vinyl orienteds
My wife gave me as gift a Philips CDD882 transport plus Dac960 in the 1988 and I still own it

During the 1996 I modded the Dac 960 for the first time .. changing the stock TDA1541 for the glorious TDA1541 S1 single crown (Holland production) and that has been a really great improvement in sound quality over the stock chipset
One month ago thanks to a friend of mine I got a new , still boxed , TDA1541 S1 double crown (Holland! ..not Twainese!) and I changed removing the single crown!

Wow!!!!!! Unbeliveable sound!

The soundstage opened up to a level never heard in many other newer & higher priced Dacs the detail/inner detail is simple Magic! even the low level detail
The sound is so analog you could think to listen a good turntable but surely not a CD player

Totally another Dac ..

Now I understand why the Marantz C7 has been so acclaimed by Reviewers and Users .. the C7 had on board two TDA1541 S1 double crown but Twainese production (not Holland!) one per channel
I wish to listen the Marantz C7 nowadays with two S1 double crown Holland ... should be one of the best sounding digital machine available today.

Anyone here experienced mods with this TDA1541?

Happy New Year to EveryOne!

A lot of players used to use it from what I've read and it seems to have a following.

I would think newer DACs with newer chips can be as good or better, but don't know for sure.

There are newer DACs that also do not do oversampling. Many others do.

I've owned 4 CD players and 1 DAC since the mid eighties and I've always found each newer device bests the older without necessarily even costing more so I'm inclined to think that the technology has matured and improved greatly over the years.
I wouldnt waste your time. Get a newer player. Mapman is right, digital playback has come a long way since then.