How to bypass the HDCD chip on Moon Eclipse cd .

I own the MOON ECLIPSE cd player and I have this cd player about a year and lately I decide to bypass the HDCD chip with the XLO REFERENCE 2 digital cable.
I must admit that I can't hear any difference , it sound nearly the same , according to many articles it suppose to sound like a different animal .
Where did I wrong ? , where is the mistake ? should I have to go with the balance outputs in the cd player , or maybe I have an old version that can't allow this bypass .
My system include :
amplification : CARY AUDIO SLAM 100
pre amplifier : MELOS MA -333
cd player : MOON ECLIPSE
loadspeakers cables : DELTEC
Thank you
You need to make sure you have a HDCD encoded CD. There are over 5000 but not all of them are marked as such. Check their website.
Thank you for your answer, my cd player has a HDCD encoded , when I play HDCD record cd the light is turn on (before and after bypass).
My digital cable has to be 75 ohm? or can be 110 ohm?
Please let me know
Arik, You need to press the Digital input button on the front panel when your cable is hooked up. when the HDCD chip is bypassed, there will be a little red light above the digital input writing on the front panel dispaly. the volume will increase by 6db, you should definitely hear the difference when you do this.

again, press the digital input button on the front panel while you are playing a cd. you will hear the volume get louder. that is how you know that the HDCD chip is being bypassed. it sounds way, way better, i promise!
good luck,
The digital input button in the front of the unit was pressed already , no difference at all, what is wrong?
The digital output of the Eclipse is 6db louder than the standard output through the HDCD chip. If you do not hear a difference between the two, then something is not right. What that something is, I'm not sure. Remember that when you have a BNC cable connecting the digital input and output on the back of the Sim, it is not activated until the digital input button is pressed on the front panel (the light on the display will signify whether it is on or off). While you are playing music, press the digital input button a few times. The 6db increase in volume when you swithc back and forth should be very apparent. Email me back and let me know what's up. By the way, I have purchased a new demo unit with the full size power supply and no HDCD chip to bypass. Therefore i no longer need to use a bnc interconnect. It was cheaper to sell my older machine and buy a new one. The upgrade through Sim Audio was around $3k- ouch! Keep me posted on your progress.