How to burn in new WBTs on a phono stage?

I replaced all connectors on my CJ EV1 phono stage with WBT Nextgen RCAs.How can i burn in the solder and new connectors without actually playing records.I don't have enough time right now for doing it traditional way and wanted to know if i can load the phono stage inputs with some other kinds of signal.Will plugging in tuner do some damage to a 47kohm preset input.Thank you in advance for your replies.
Granite Audio has a CD, see link:

Burn in CD

I own this CD and it works.

Using your CD player to do the job, combined with correct voltages and program material allows you to do other things while your fittings, cable and RIAA are settling in.

No more attending the tonearm and worrying about piling up hours on your stylus. You can even leave it on during the night when your sleeping, just don't turn up the volume on your amp, it's working all the same.

I find it works best if you strip away the end of a cheap (Radio Shack) cable and put tiny alligator clips on the bare ends. Disconnect the cartridge clips and put "plus" and "minus" on the proper clips (same with ground) and start the CD player.

This way everything from the tonearm wire through the output of your phono stage benefit from the break in CD.

Amazing what good, solid, constant signal can accomplish as far as moving everything in the right direction.
Phono inputs (MM or MC) are low level (several mVolts) while all other inputs and outputs from tuners, CD players are in the 100s of mVolts to volts. Connecting any of these to the phono input may over drive it and could (slight possibility)damage something or at least cause the circuitry to clip the signal levels. Unless you use a source that you can adjust the signal level down I would not recommend driving the phono input with any "line level" source.
Hi Slava: use Albert's cliplead method, but build in your own voltage divider network to prevent overdriving the phono stage inputs.
Divide the typical (tuner or CDP) ~1 volt line-output level down to ~100mV via a 10:1 ladder resistor divider. Use resistance values of 10K-ohm + 1k-ohm in series. Fabricate your connecting wiring such that the whole 11k terminates across the (tuner or CDP) output signal from + to shield. Then tap your divided network output voltage across the 1k resistor only, this signal driving your phono stage input. The grounds are common to both input & output signal.
If this doesn't make sense, drop me an email & I'll explain it via phone call, or send you a fax sketch of the circuit; it's actually quite simple.
If you guys would follow the link I provided, you will see that Granite audio has already reduced the level of this break in CD to match a typical phono cartridge.

That makes this disc ready to use, except for the inexpensive Radio Shack cables I mentioned that would allow driving the signal through the cartridge clips rather than RCA input on the phono stage.
ok then for the CDP - he's asking about a tuner though...
Sorry Albert I obviously didn't follow your hyperlink; thanks for pointing that out as others may be interested :-)
best rgds, bb
Thanks a lot guys.