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I posted not long ago about newer CD players sounding better than an old luxman I had. Well I went with the Cambridge Audio D500 SE and now I'd like to learn how to properly "burn" the unit in. I've been leaving the player running with a CD on repeat for about 12 hours at a time but it is not actually playing through my system. Will it burn in this way? I've done this for about three days in a row so It's a total of 36 hours. It's a very nice CD player but so far it has nothing at all over the old Luxman and may even be slightly more two dimensional sounding. Do I need more time with this unit or do I need a different player. I was looking for a big upgrade in sound over the Luxman and I don't think it's going to happen with this unit. What do you guys think I'll have to spend (used) to get the kind of improvement I'm hoping for and which players should I be looking at? It seems that I'm after a player a least a step or two above the Cambridge with a warm but detailed sound and a wide and deep sounstage.
System so far:
Citation 7.1-bi-amping mains
Citation 7.1-Center and surrounds
Denon 2801 receiver as pre-(Adcom GTP-750 on the way)
Klipsch KLF-20 main's
Klipsch KLF-C7 center
Klipsch Quintets surrounds
AR S112 Sub
Denon 1500 DVD
Cambridge D500-SE CD
Genuine Radio Shack interconnects
P.S. I listen to music 95%, movies 5%
Replace that junk appliance grade power cord that came with the Cambridge. Borrow a couple good power cords first from a dealer to try out if you can. I found from personal experience and from others that this one change makes a world of difference. The Absolute power cord sold on Audiogon is only $50. At the very very least go to a electrical hardware store and get a high grade 14 AWG cord for just a few $$$

Second and just as important, get some good interconnect cables. Those RadShack cables are definitely limiting what the Cambridge can do. (And they masks the limits of an older CD player). Good interconnects through your whole system will work wonders everywhere. Nordost Solar Wind and Blue Heaven are good choices. Kimber PBJ are liked by many, but I find they smear some CD players sound, but can be used elsewhere successfully. Also check out for good cables relatively cheap. And those new ZuCable Oxyfuel work well (

Your new preamp is a good idea too!!! Do you use a power center? The Monster HTS2000 is a good place to start.

Now you see why all of us audiogon members are slowly going nuts. Welcome to the club.

Hi SAY811,

I'm certainly no expert, but based on your system, I agree with Sugarbrie. There may indeed be differences, but you may not be hearing them due to your preamp, cables, amps, etc. I wasn't able to tell much with my old system (some older Luxman components, an HK surround receiver, Mission speakers, etc), but changes are now unbelievable obvious with better equipment. I know it's silly to tell you to upgrade everything, but you did say that you listen to music 95% of the time and movies 5% of the time, but your system is definitely geared towards movies.

I had a surround system for awhile. I enjoyed it, but like you...I listen to music much more often. I got rid of it and focused on two-channel audio and I'm much happier, and it still does an amazing job on movies. I can't say I miss the surround too much at all. Your mileage may vary, of course, but that's my knucklehead opinion.