How should I set up REL G1sub woofer

I just bought Rel G1 sub woofer and I read the user manual three times, but it's not replacing someone's experience. I have B&W 802d speakers with which I am hooking it. The problem is even a little base is too much base.
If I tweak it with one song and than with another song either the base is too high or its too low. Any body with experience what is the standard crossover and how high the ever age volume should be on this sub?
Hi Trcns, Are you using the REL SPKON cable? connected to the HIGH level input on the REL? This is the preferred method of hooking up the REL. The REL should be hooked up to your main outs on your amplifier. DIALING IN: Put something on with a good repeatative bass line ...Like LED ZEPP DAZED and Confused, Start with the volume at 1/2, The REL should be in a corner and proper phase selected (louder is the correct one). When Positioning and phase are correct then you can adjust volume to your liking, as a rule I would start with the volume at around 12-1 o clock. SET Crossover to Whatever the lowest freq on your B&W's is, I would set your REL crossover just above where your B&W's drop off. B&W 802D's go down to 34hz so I would set the REL to a setting just above that. hope this helps.
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By EAR is the only way IMO.
Trens, I own a G1 and it should work seamlessly with your 802D's. Here is what I would do assuming you don't have an SPL meter:

1. First listen to some tracks with your 802D's and see if you are getting the unpleasant bass frequency response. If you do, then you need to work on the 802D speaker placement for smoother response. If not, then go to #2.

2. Attached the REL G1 via the Speakon connection as seen in the G1 manual. This is attaching the sub directly to the speaker terminals on the amp. If you have a class D amp, stop and go no further and call or email REL with specific instructions.

3. Set the REL crossover with the remote at 35 or 40 Hz. This is where your loudspeakers in an anechoic chamber start to drop off in bass intensity by - 3dB.

4. Then play music and start with the volume on the REL sub at 10. If the bass is too plentiful, decrease the sub volume by 2 going down 8 - 6 - 4. If you have to go lower than 4 to achieve proper bass response the go to #5.

5. Reset sub volume at 10 and switch the polarity phase 180 degrees on the remote. Listen again.

6. If this doesn't help you may be getting a room-loading bass node around 30-40 Hz. Turn the G1 crossover down to between 25-28 with the remote and try the above steps again.

7. If all these steps are not helping and you are absolutely certain you have everything hooked up on the Speakon connection correctly, then you will need to get an SPL meter and start working on sub placement in the room for smoother response. Hopefully you won't make it this far down the algorithm.
Also, you need to make sure the sub is fully broken in before you start doing anything. Spiked feet would probably be a good idea, as well.
I have crossover frequency set at 40 and my volume is set for 6. Yes I am using speakon cable and power amp is class A by Krell S 1500 7 channel. Time sub is about 3 or 4 hours as I just got it. I tried raising volume to 10 or 12 but it's over powering the rest of the signal.

Try lowering the crossover to between 28-30Hz. You may have a 35-45Hz node in the room. See if it makes a difference. If it doesn't, then I would switch phase polarity on the sub. If that doesn't help you may need to contact REL for assistance. I have found them to be very responsive via email or phone.
My experience with setting up a REL (Storm II) is that I found that I ended up setting the crossover lower than I would have thought was necessary. In general REL recommends setting the crossover lower and raising the volume a bit. I found that combination worked best for me. With the remote control that comes with the G1 I would think this would simplify the process.