How Much Preamp Gain is Too Much?

In the age of the CD player, how much preamp gain is too much? Since a CD player has enough voltage to drive almost any power amp, why do I continue to see preamps with what would appear to be quite a bit of gain? While I do not prefer having a player with an integrated volume control, all that seems to be needed between a player and a power amp is a quality volume control (i.e. a passive preamp). I have heard that passive units tend to cause a lack in dynamics (in comparison to systems employing an active preamp). I cannot imagine that this would be true in all cases.

I have a Canary Audio CA-200 passive on the way. However, I also like the idea of putting tubes in front of my B&K Reference 200.2 power amp. I have the Quicksilver Line Stage (non-remote version) in mind. The Quicksilver seems like a nice piece. How will its gain affect my system? Since I listen at lower levels, I imagine I will be in the lower portion of the volume control (where a volume control tends to be less linear). I welcome any comments.

Sounds to me like you have it figured out and just want some reassurance.

You are correct on all fronts, no need for gain, almost all CD layers can drive an amp to full power, passives perform better or as well as actives when properly implemented, you don't want to be at the lower end of the volume control,

Check out the TVC passives that Jeffrey Jackson is selling, very nice and not too expensive.

Thanks, Herman...Indeed, I wanted reassurance from other audiophiles. I cannot fathom why there are so many active preamps out there--and so few choices for a passive unit. The logic has been "staring me in the face" for a while, but I guess it took time to find the right passive at the right price.
Thats a good ?,I have the perfect storm when i bought a used Counterpoint Solid 8 a ,speakers 90 sen, 6 ohm cd player 2.5 v,amp has 30 gain i think,bought attenuators to use on cd player by 12 db,which pretty much helps out,not as much gain lowered as i thought would be but enough.,
Now i could get a manual from counterpoint but i'm not paying 80 bucks for it .What makes it worse i was never able to even determine if my pre has gain switches in it.,A counterpoint on ebay right now has pics of a solid 8,on the circuit board you can see clearly where this pre has gain switchs,now my pre the solid 8 a has absolutely nothing whatsoever as having gain switches inside from what i can see,thus another reason to not fork over 80 for a manual,
I've noticed and i could be wrong but i thought i saw a Ayre cd player that has 4.5 v,why on earth would this be?
I actually had a TVC built for me that using Magnequest step DOWN transformers to tame the gain issue with my cd player and amps. A fantastic soultion indeed. It is also switchable to a resistive passive using a DACT attenuator in case I needed additional gain/voltage from the CD player (never did). This is the only one of its kind I have ever seen or heard.

This is just sitting around collecting dust right now since I have an integrated amp in the system. Shoot me an email if you (or anyone else reading this thread in the USA - good feedback necessary) would like to try it out no strings attached (other than you pay shipping both ways). It is small so it would easily fit well packed into a USPS medium flat rate box which I think is under $12 one way.

Let me know if you would like to hear it in your system.