How Much Incrementally Better is the Black Cat Silver Star from the Digit 75 to The Tron?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about the Black Cat Digit 75.  But I wanted to know is the Black Cat Tron that much better to justify the nearly $1,000 more cost?

Second, what are the differences between the Black Cat SilverStar 75 MkII, The Digit 75 and The Tron as far as you can tell?
I can speak of the Silverstar to the Tron. The Tron builds on what is so good about the Silverstar. Its is quieter, more refined and more dynamic cable. I would have been perfectly happy with the Silverstar, but because the Silverstar was so good I wanted the best Chris offered. In my opinion the Silverstar would be the best buy option, its just so good for the price. I personally would buy what your budget will allow. No matter what choice you make, at least from my perspective with my equipment and listening tastes, they are both excellent. .

Thank you so much! would you say there's a $1,600 difference between the two (SilverStar MkII and Tron)?  And you may have already answered it, but I'm just trying to justify the price difference?

Many Thanks!

P.S. I'm also looking for the difference between the Digit 75 and the Tron.
That’s a hard question to answer for some reason, its such a personal decision. I would say if you have the dough..splurge and get the Tron, if not,,,get the Digit 75.

Thanks for those wise words!  I'm always chasing the rabbit hole. And experience has taught me that being penny-"unwise" while being pound foolish is not the way to go, especially where the law of diminishing returns is concerned.  I love the SilverStar MkII's sound! It's hard to conceptualize how much improved it could be.  But most audiophiles are always seeking the "Holy Grail."  I guess discipline and patience is the key.