How many hours need a new B&W 802 to play good.

I have just installed new B&W Nautilus 802. They looks good, but I have to burn them in.

Do you now have many hours I need before the plays 100% perfect.
Mine began to really open up between 150 - 200 hours, you're really going to love them!
They do take some time.....need alot of power too...What kind of amp do you have....My best friend has the 802's so Im familar with them. I own Legacy Signature III's ...bought them brand new...when I first got them, I was like man these really can't sound this bad can they...Called Legacy...asked for an extension on the demo period...then about a week later it was like a light switch was flipped was like WOW.....Cant explain it, but hang in there !
200-400 hours
Thank you for the feedback.