How loud do you like to play your music?

Instead of guessing from random comments. I thought a census of listening levels from members would be useful. feel free to mention a range.
My lowest listenable level is 80 db my favorite is 90 to 95 the loudest is 100 or just give your single preferred volume. The numbers above are my actual preferences.
If you do not have or used an SPL meter, just say Hi, Medium or low but try give us a reference point of some kind if possible.
Extraneous info is welcome. For example in my book shelf system it's... but in my main rig it's... Thanks
99% of the time 75-85db....drinking heavy fuel and listening to rock and the blues, who knows? (oh thats right! wife knows.....very loud).

For me, the ideal is to hear playback at the same level I would experience hearing the same performance live, except for some rock. Anyone hearing very much live music should be able to adjust levels by ear, without need for a meter. For symphonic music, I prefer row M, not row B, so my levels would be lower than some others might like. For jazz, folk, etc., I prefer 20 to 30 feet from the stage. This provides better integration of sound when there is more than just a solo artist. Rock will be played back at lower than live levels since I don't want my ears ringing for days afterwards.

But reality means many recordings will be listened to at lower than ideal levels. As others commented, recording/pressing quality becomes very important here. For example, choral music can seldom be listened to at live levels without distortion.

But a real mystery to me is why so many audio friends tend to listen to all their music at the same level (individually, not necessarily the same as each other)? They find one volume setting and listen to everything at that level. The advantage of a remote volume control is not pure laziness, it is the ability to fine tune volume from the listening seat, even changing from one track to the next when necessary.
I listen on average about 80-85 db, with peaks close to 90.

I thought this was rather low, but it seems people lower than that.
Using my iPhone SPL meter (greetings Albert) I occasionally get 90-98 DB peaks. The rest is in the high seventies to mid eighties.