How good is the Bel Canto Evo 200.2 amp?

I have heard varying opinions-wasn't the Evo 200.2 rated Stereophile Class A? Yet, I see alot of them for sale-did it turn out not to be that great of an amp? How does it compare with similiarly-priced ($2500 new) SS designs? Does it compare against the PS Audio HCA-2 (another digital amp). What about running 2 of the Evo 200.2's in mono-does this make for a great sound?

I was thinking about giving one a try-my current amp is a C-J MF-2200 and preamp is C-J PV10A. System sounds good, but maybe a digital amp would be a better combo with a tube pre? I listen to everthing-looking for something that has tight bass, with clean mids and highs-I listen to Jazz, electronic (ambient mostly, some trance), classical, and some rock (although overly aggressive music is kind of overpowering in my system).
One reason for so many for sale is the fact that the Evo200.2 has been updated to the Evo2 (and then again to the gen 2). Some people just gotta have the latest.