What interconnects with Bel Canto

Can anybody advise what interconnects will work best with the following? I have Bel canto CD1, Bel Canto Evo Gen 2i, Audio Physic Sparks, and Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval speaker cable. I currently use Siltech SQ28 G3 ic's but have been looking around for something on the used market. I have seen Siltech SQ88 G5, Virtual Dymanics Master Series and Nite 2, Gryphon Guideline Reference, and Jorma Design Number 1 at prices which won't break the bank. Anybody got any thoughts please?
I heartily recommend the Luminous Audio Synchestra Signatures. I used them when I had a Bel Canto Pre1 and Celio amp combo, fed by a Sony XA7ES CDP and Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Biwires strapped to a pair of JM Labs Cobalt 820s. The system was clear, fast, layered, and very revealing of the music's subtle textures. And the best part is that they won't cost you an arm and a leg.