How good is a Monster Power HTS 2600?

Hi guys,

Take a look at my system.
I am thinking that the monster HTS 2600 power might be the weak link.
What do you think?

If so what would be a good conditioner to replace it with?
If not, what do you think the weak link is?

I have $400CND in the bank plus whatever I could sell the monster for.

What makes you believe the monster is a weak link, I saw in your system you noted a good improvement, maybe look into the BlueCircle bar with the noise hounds built in, I have 1 noise hound from blue circle and I like it, the bar I am talking about has the power of 2 noise hounds, talk to Harmonia Audio about adding it. I think you have a nice set-up there!
Hey Chadnliz.

Yeah, the monster did make a positive difference. But I am wondering if the Blue Circle MR1200 would be better. Funny you also mention Kevin, he is my BC dealer.

Yup Kevin is a real nice guy, I have talked to him a few times, always a pleasure! Cheers back at ya
So does anyone out there have an opinion on the Monster 2600?
I guess that cats out of the bad. The other one I am considering is the Blue Circle MR1200

Be careful to make sure people qualify remarks about Monster products, alot will slam them without any personal knowledge or experience from using them, they get "drive-by" insults from so called audiophiles just because they are "Monster"
In my experience, the lower end Monster stuff is great for the price. However, there are many more expensive power conditioners that are great for the price as well, and therefore significantly better than the Monster ones. I'd stick to what they call their "Stage 2" stuff, my experience has been that the higher stages limit current too much and unacceptably restrict dynamics. The only real suggestion I can give you is to try it in your system. Most power conditioners seem to improve some aspects of the sound and degrade others, so you really need to try them and make sure the improvements are important to you, and the degradations aren't an issue in the context of your system.

I don't have any experience with Blue Circle, so I won't comment on that, but I would recommend looking into Shunyata if they have a suitable product in your price range.
Thanks Steve,

The monster is not bad, but there is always better out there. I really like Blue Circle so I though I could upgrade and support them at the same time.

I am also looking at the BC606 power bar with two built in BC86 noise houd filters. Then adding a upgraded power cord and maybe another few inline filters. It has been suggested to me that this should be a step up over the monster for not a big price jump.

Also check out Belkins PureAV, they have outlets within the units specifically for amps with high currents so that it is not limiting:

Their prices are also much more resonable than other conditioners.