how efficient are paradigm mini monitors?

i have an older pair i really like. just thinking about getting a new jolida 303 and was reading about speakers and have no idea what it means for a speaker to be more efficient. does it mean it pushes/pulls energy better? anyway how efficient are these older mini monitors? anyone have any thoughts on the jolida 302BRC? they are now selling an updated version called the 303.
Sensitivity is often measured by driving a speaker with one watt and measuring the loudness in decibels at one meter.

The Paradigm monitors I am familiar with are moderately efficient with an 8 ohm rating. The JD303 will be plenty of power.
From The Absolute Sound:

A Lot for a Little
I don’t expect everyone who is looking for small monitor speakers to buy a pair of Mini Monitors regardless of how bad the economy gets. But even folks with unlimited funds may find much about the Minis that will encourage them to pick up a pair, or two, or three. The bottom line, which appeals to everyone, is that the Minis offer a surprisingly high level of sonic quality for a ridiculously low price. Sure, they aren’t elegant looking and taking off their grilles results in an even less décor-friendly appearance, but if you close your eyes they look mighty fine, indeed.

If you want to play audiophile Santa Claus, buy a couple of pairs and give them to some deserving young music-lovers. Although trickle-down didn’t work for the economy as a whole, when applied to the development of future audiophiles it might be just the ticket to a brighter future.

Paradigm Mini Monitor V.6

Driver complement: Two-way, 6.5" M-ICP woofer, 1" H-PTD dome tweeter
Sensitivity: 92dB (in-room), 89dB (anechoic)
Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
Frequency response: 70Hz–20kHz +/-2dB; low-frequency extension: 43Hz (DIN)
Recommended amplifier power: 15W to 100W
Finishes: rosenut, black ash, wenge, and cherry
Matching Speaker Stand: S-26, J-29 (sold separately)
Dimensions: 13 1/8" x 7" x 11 3/16"
Weight: 34 lbs. per pair
Price: $478 per pair

205 Annagem Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2V1
(905) 564-1994
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Is this the right paradigm? An older 'rev', I think.