How Does the Vandersteen 2W Work?

I can get a 2w sub for cheap and am thinking of getting it to augment the low end of my proac response 1.5's for two channel use. The 2w takes a line level signal, correct? So I would run some cables from the tape out of my preamp into the 2w and make my adjustments (crossover, etc.) at the sub. Would something like Outlaws ICBM bass management thingy be useful? Thanks.
To use the 2W, you need to install the Vandersteen crossover between the pre-amp and the amp, and then run cables from the main amp outputs to the sub. The crossover drops the strength of the bass frequencies, then the built-in amp in the sub boosts them back up again. Running it without the crossover can apparantly damage the sub.

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A single 2w will work just fine in my experience, but you will need to run it as Ian has described. Once you have the x-over dialed in using the adjustable x-over, the fixed value x-overs are highly recommended.

To reiterate everyone else, you will not be able to hook up the 2W the way you mentioned. It has high-level inputs only. If you want to use line-level, you would need to go with a V2W. 2W and 2WQ are made for listening to music in a stereo system. The V2w was made for home theater applications.

That being said, I use two 2ws in my stereo/home theater set up and they work great. You don't really need to use a separate LF channel.