How does Revel Ult. Salon II compare to B&W 800D?

I have been researching speakers for my home system and thought that I would only look at B&W 800D, 801D, or 802D. But I received so many e-mails recommending the Revel Ultima Salon II that I thought some of you folks might have compared the two. I'll be powering the speakers with a pair of McIntosh 501s. Thanks for your insights.
I've auditioned both with Mcintosh 501's.
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IMHO 800 series were robust and musical at volume, unremarkable at low volumes. Salon 2's accurate and tight at low volumes, thrilling at volume.
My money to Salon 2's.
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Can we throw the new 207/2 into the mix?

I've listened to the original 207 and 802D, but have not heard the Salon II or the new 207/2.

Found the 802D to be a bit rich for me in the midbass and perhaps a tad polite in the presence region. Great at louder volumes. The original 207 was fantastic on great recordings and extremely open. Could be a little thin on bass (midbass) with bad recordings and a tad etched on top as well.

I've read the new 207/2 is smoother on top with a fuller bass.

Can anyone compare all 3: 802D, Salon 2, KEF 207/2?
I compared the Salon1 (owned 5 years), Studio2 (audition), B&W 802D (audition), Klipish P-39F (audition), and Thiel CS 3.7 (auditioned a few times) over the last 6 months. The Thiel was an easy choice for my musical tastes. I listen to mostly Rock, Pop and Reggae, and occasionally other genres.

You should check this speaker out for yourself. I won't go into superlatives because the sound is subjective to each person's hearing. I loved this speaker because it gave such a great emotional connection to the music.

Though I think the bass is very good on the Thiel, especially with a powerful amp, it was not as amazing as on the Salon1. A sub would likely equal things out but the current package is already pretty amazing.

BTW - I thought the upper frequencies on the Studio2 was better than on the Salon1. I imagine it would be just as good for the Salon2.

Another 2 cents: At the store that sold the Klipish they had the KEF 207/2 speaker. I wanted to hear that after I heard the Klipish but I got carried away listening to the Klipish and I run out of time. The store owner told me that he had owned the KEF 207/2 previously and changed them for the new Klipish P-39F. He told me that the KEF's were a little darker sounding than the Klipish and he preferred them to the KEF's.
Any comments on the original question would be appreciated by this future buyer.
Ultima Salon 2's or B&W 800D's (not the latest model).
There have been so many threads on this topic. In this price class you absolutely must listen for yourself, and whatever is said here is just for entertainment.

I just had a chance to hear the latest 800D recently, and it was basically the same as ever. A bit hot on top, that can sound exciting on some recordings in a demo scenario. I still haven't heard the 800D or the latest 802D image well. The fit and finish is still the best on this list.

The KEF 207/2s, which I haven't heard in about two years, are better than the 800D, in my opinion, but they are ugly, and their deep bass isn't as good as the 800Ds or the Salon2s.

I bought the Salon2s and haven't regretted it. Their imaging still astounds me. A very neutral and extended speaker, with awesome bass, but some people like a more technicolor sound, like the Thiel 3.7s or various Wilsons and Vandersteens have. You've got to listen for yourself. Preference is everything. I know people that force themselves to buy what others say is great, and then they're unhappy. If you like technicolor sound, buy technicolor sound. If you like neutrality, the Salon2 and 207/2 are among the best that I've heard.