How does BAT VK-60 do in Low-end frequency?

I would like to ask any of you who have compare BAT VK-60(stereo mode) with other Hi-end Solid State amp like Mark Levinson, Krell, Plinius, Pass Labs, or especially Jeff Rowland. I'm not questioning about mid-range of the BAT but I'm not quite sure that it can produce bass comparable to those SS amps.
My current setup includes:
1. Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 CD Player (Tube)
2. BAT VK-5i Preamp (using Amperex Globe 6DJ8 and TungSol 5881 tubes)
3. Jeff Rowland Model 5
4. B&W 802 S3
I, mostly, listen to smooth jazz with a lot of transient attacks. And I still need some more excitements and punches from bass. Would it be more bass from BAT VK-60 replacing JR-5? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I do not have experience comparing these products, but doubt very much that the VK-60 would give you more punch than the Rowland into the B&Ws, which are relatively insensitive speakers. The VK-60 only puts out about 35 watts into 8 ohms. I would check out some of the solid state amps, however, VK-200 or -500, which you could find used, or the newer VK-6200, the 5 or 6 channel ss amp.
I'm using the vk-60's in monoblock configuration. Compared to the vk-500 which they replaced, there is definitely less bass and less solid "grasp" of the speakers. The midrange is what the vk-60's are all about. Also replace my vk5i with the vk5se--there's substantial difference in the quality of the bass of the two preamps--the vk5i being somewhat soft.
I currently run a VK-200 into my B&W 802's, and the sound is absolutely beautiful. The bass is very solid and MUSICAL, not the powerful, overblown thudding one can achieve with other SS amps. The other upgrade you should consider to get tighter bass and more dynamics, along with sweeter, extended highs is the North Creek Music outboard crossover for the 802's. Outstanding improvement in every respect.
I'm the owner of a BAT my experience SS almost always has different bass reproduction than tubes....If you like BAT...try the 500....not sterile but airy and natural sounding with plenty of low end grunt.