How do you share the sweet spot?

 My 2.1 set up  only pleasures me when i sit or walk in the sweet zone. If I have guests over, I dislike sharing my position so they can experience the sound stage.  Is there anything one can do to share the sweet spot? Is a 4.1 or 4.2 set up the solution? Does the speaker, gear, position and set up dictate overall experience?(I'm sure it does)
How do you guys share the sweet spot? 
Is it ok to be sweet spot selfish? I feel that being an "audiophile" is also sharing the experience. 
Your thoughts please. Thank You!

I’ll ask my guests to sit in the sweet spot, then I have to ask them To actually sit all the way back in the chair and put their feet up And get comfortable.  Then I let them know that the music sounds better if they close their eyes!  Then I ask them what they want me to play for them.  Then I get them their drink of choice 😁

My listening room is too small for anything but 1 sweet spot so I’ll sit next to them on the ground.

I’ve helped 3 different friends pick out systems for their homes; usually wireless LS50’s with a sub or two.  I’ve had great listening sessions with them in their homes and it’s extremely rewarding to see their minds blown because of what the are hearing, and it’s equally satisfying to know that it’s something they can enjoy now anytime the want to!
Oh, and my favorite speakers are MBL 101E’s and they sound fantastic all over the room. 
I want to try some OHMs some day because I think they are the closest I could get within a reasonable budget and mapman, whom I respect his oppinion, won’t quit talking about them 😁
Kef has wide dispersion and thus less of a pure sweet spot and sounds pretty good across a larger area than most. 
I used to give my  guests the sweet spot and sit directly behind them. Yea I was being a good host but lousy company. It is taken more than  a little time and a few bucks but now I have a sweet spot over 6 feet wide so I have two very comfortable chairs side by side" Additional guests sit behind the two front chairs on barstools with back rests. 

Did you by chance share with us here the speakers you now have?
Not to worry. Really doesn't matter.

Real audiophiles do not have friends so please accept that.

Now weirdos like you will wonder how more than one person
at a time may experience the sweet spot of your system. Fair enough.

This sweet spot is the biggest deficiency of today transducers.
In the last 70 years no one has solved this issue.

Some have proposed removing one ear. Others bring up Ohm's law.

Sorry still no solution I have found.

Good news is that that if these "friends" are truly friends they will
complement your system even from the next room.

If you are happy that is all that matters.