How do you like the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood?

It seems that a lot of people are purchasing the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MkII at around $400-425 lately, so I was wondering:

How are you enjoying the cartridge? What TT and tonearm are you using? What do you hear as improvement?

I have a Linn LP12 w/Basik Plus tonearm and an old Grado G-1+ cartridge (about 15-20 years old), and I am thinking strongly of upgrading to the Virtuoso. I'd love to hear personal experiences with it, particularly if you also have the LP12.
I am having the Virtuoso Wood installed on my LP12/Ittock next weekend. I will report on it's performance.
I just got one last week 03/20/2003 along with a VPI Scout and the stock JMW 9 tonearm- Normally, I wouldn't consider even posting this soon because neither have been properly broken in- but I just can't resist- This cartridge is the real thing. My best decription of this sound is rich and thick. Some may find it too rich, but I think it's wonderful. The imaging is amazing. I feel like I can run up and touch each instrument. Many times with good imaging, the image is thin and too transparent... not the case with this cartridge. It's a full body sound and it is solid! It matches this warmth with speed and detail at the same time. Unheard of at this price level!

Now I know that this cartridge has received high accolades from Stereophile and other audiophile publications, but I've found over the years that my tastes aren't in line with theirs, so any recommendation that they give I take with a grain of salt. So when I got this combo, I figured it would tie me over since I don't really have much time for analog these days anyway. I didn't expect much from a $2000 analog rig (believe me, I'm not a rich person and $2000 is a lot in my world, but unfortunately not in the analog world) After the first few minutes of listening, I don't know what I'm going to do with my CD players now! I guess I could sell all of them to raise money for new vinyl!
Alouie,Well done. I have the same problem with you: I don't know what I'am going to do with my player since I almost never listen to it. I listen 25-30 LP's : 1 CD.