How do the Cubs sound compared with the Cub2s?

I have listened to the Wilson Cubs and liked them and am considering buying either the Cubs or the Cub2s. I have heard that the Cubs are bright even though at the dealer they didn't sound bright to me and wonder whether the
Cub2s are less bright. I have a Tact preamp and plan to upgrade my Phase Linear 400 power amp in the future to a Music Fidelity or Tact digital amp but would welcom suggestions.
Cub 2s are more neutral and less bright.
I think the CUB II's on Wilson stands are absolutely great. Driven by VTL MB185's or a pair of Nagra VPA's, they absolutely dissapear, are very dynamic, very palpable, and are a bargain in the Wilson lineup. No brightness here!
I got really good seats to a Chicago game once and during the National Anthem I could hear Sammy Sosa singing. It wasn't really very good. Oh, never mind, you're asking about Wilson speakers.