How did I do on this Amp?

Hey guys, just chiming in to see how fair a deal I got on this amp (probably should have checked here first, but seems they good deals go as soon as they pop up for sale). I bought a Mark Levinson 332 with the caps replaced a year and a half ago. Paid $2k for it.
I think you did great!

Paid about 2500 for mine, including getting it recapped.

It took a while to break in, at least a couple months before it really relaxed. The amp had been sitting for 2 years or so.
(1) A qualified favourable response involves first knowing just what were the replacement caps? As we all know, there is a very wide range of $$ offerings in new caps and matched performance .... and you get what you pay for in this both rewarding and frustrating hobby. (I am intuitively assuming that it was done by a professional tech in any case).

(2) W/o prejudice to the above, all you are going to get back here in these blogs are heavily biased personal value judgements. If you are happy with your purchase, you have done OK.
Sounds like a decent deal at minimum if in good operating condition. Check the blue book info for a few $$s more and know for sure.
Decent deal, but what a lifeless sounding amp.

My Martin Logan's love it, woke them right up.
@Shakeydeal: I am wondering what you mean by "lifeless sounding" - are you saying that it doesn't flavor the music? By all I've read they reportedly do a pretty decent job at recreating the original sound of recordings without flavoring them.

@No-money: Glad to hear that, man. I am using it to power a pair of ML ReQuests that I got with a Logos Center.