How Can I Play DVD-A?

There are a few interesting titles out there exclusive to DVD-A. I have a classic two channel system. What do I need to do to play these discs? Is there a way to do it on a budget? I know they make players with this capability for less than $250. Are they any good? and Do you need to have a monitor in your system to get it to function?

Any help would be appreciated,
There is a Pioneer model out there for around $500 or so, called the 47A, I think that's the number. It is the cheapest one that I have heard about. Many DVD players that have separate audio playback for SACD or DVDA have TV menus for setup. You can probably play,>>,<<,stop,next,back,pause, from the remote. But you may have to do setup with the TV on. For what it's worth, I would recommend going for SACD. IMO it sounds better and there are more titles to select from. But DVDA is still better than CD. The problem is so few titles. Even with the 800 or so SACDs out there, I still have trouble finding much that I want.
Toshiba has a DVDA player that is around 300.00 that sounds very good, the SD 4700. You do need a monitor for the onscreen menu. It is also a DVDV player.
Thank you for the responses. It looks like SACD might finally lift-off this fall with the Rolling Stones releases. The engineer claims the SACD revisions sound 40% better than the standard on these hybrids.
I think there are a few models that do the entire package.
I don't think it's helping anyone to both formats.