How about Parasound?

I've been getting great feedback re./questions I've asked about Arcam, Adcom and Anthem. My last question is the Parasound multi amp and separate surround processors. What is your opinion? I believe they have a C3, HDP70 and the HDR 77 coming out this year. Just looking for feedback/experiences with Parasound. Thanks.
Joe in Mobile
I have owned a Parasound 1205 5 channel amp for about 8 years. One repair under warranty (loose solder joint cause a channel to go out) - otherwise no trouble.

Well built and I think it sounds very good for a solid state amp. For a while I ran it in a two channel system.
Parasound is IMHO an underrated brand.

I've heard a Parasound 5-channel amp and recall it sounding very good for the price. I was also very impressed with a Parasound Halo C3 preamp, but I have no experience with their processors.

Currently running a Parasound HCA-1205A in a Magnepan IIIa home theater. Have owned it close to ten years and had one channel go out under warranty. Very good sounding and purchased it over B&K, Sunfire amps and a number of high-end receivers I auditioned at the time. In regards to their processors, I had their AVC-1800 which was their entry HT processor but it sure did sound better than the Outlaw Audio Model 990 HT processor I had.
I have had a Halo C1 processor, A21 amp, D3 universal player, and T3 tuner and have had perfect service from them and they sound great. If you willing to buy used you can get some great buys here on agon.
I choose a Parasound 2205AT over B&K Reference amplifiers about 8 years ago, and have been very pleased. I have recently compared it to some other amps, that I would like to have instead of this amplfier. Drop me a note if you are interested in mine. I might go to a Hi-Bred Tube/SS solution, or possibly tube for my 2-CH and SS for the rest of the theater, so the Parasound is available. Considered a benchmark piece back in 2000-2002 for under $5k.