Hovland HP200i

Has anyone heard about such a PRE ? It is supposed to have been produced in a very selected quantity but is supposed to be very different to the HP200, in "quality". Anyone heard this PRE ? If yes, with which power amp/speaker.

Appreciate. Thx in advance.
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I use to own a HP200. The HP200i was an update to the HP200. The most notable differences was a redesign of the power supply, AC to DC tube filament supply and changes to some passive parts. The HP200i was launched in 2009 and shortly thereafter, Hovland closed their doors and that is why there are not too many 200i in existance. I never seen or heard a HP200i and my dealer which I bought my HP200 never got any stock.
Thx mate !

I will be getting one soon (if someone agrees to buy my 230V CAT SL1 LEGEND). Will let you know if I hear what is special. The seller is very convinced it is unique...

Of course it's unique Hovland is no longer.
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