Hot $30 tweak for Rotel RCD-971 - Amazing results

My Beldon AC power cable arrived today from that fine fellow Ernie (Subaruguru)...

I decided to hardwire the Rotel after noticing a definite improvement after installing the Beldon PC on my Creek 4330R, but changed my mind and salvaged an IEC inlet socket from an old computers' ATX power supply...Literally ripped it out! You will need a Dremel type tool to cut a hole in the Rotel for the socket.

- Use 1.5 inches of the Beldon to hook up the back of the IEC socket to the Rotel AC PCB.

The original Rotel power cord is an AWG 18 and very thin...

The Beldon is AWG 12 and makes an immediately apparent difference in sound quality, makes the player totally civilized. Wow I am staggered!!!

Total cost = $30 something...

The difference was far more noticeable on the Rotel than on my Creek 4330R - which already had a upgradeable power cord (so it may have already had a half decent cord).

Both are fed by a cheap ($30~ eBay) Powervar toroidal power conditioner.

I cannot stress how amazed I am by the upgarde :)

An amazed Josh
How hard is it to wire inside the Rotel? I've been pondering doing the same thing with my Rotel 981 power amp, which for some inexplicable reason has a hardwired power cord. I put one of Ernie's Beldens on my Sony 9000ES, and it was a VERY nice improvement!
Well if it's anything like the CD player its real easy, as the AC PCB is right where the wire comes in. See what the CDP looks like here:

I did inadvertanly loosen the studs that go thru the the board, just needed to push them through and make sure that they were solderd on the underside trace...
It occurs to me that I did give the laser lens a quick wipe with a dry q-tip and then a quick blast of air from a dust-off...Could this have contributed to the improvement?