Horning Agathons - a good match with quality SET?

I'm hoping to get some feedback from people who own or who have heard the Horning Agathons. I've read a bit about them and they seem like they would be a dynamite combination with SET amps. Full bandwidth and no usual horn drawbacks? Can anyone describe the sound? I have 300b amps paired with single driver Omegas but quite frankly I am looking for a bigger soundstage and something with more weight on the bottom end while preserving that fabulous midrage that single drivers have in spades - the Agathons should be a very easy load for a 300b amp but was looking for listening impressions. Thanks.
I own one pair of Agathons.
They are not what i would call an easy load, the 4 12 inch woofers may require more power that what your 300B can provide, depending of your listening tastes.

I run them with 18 watts SET, 75 watts OTL, many SS amps, even class D. You can get something decent with 15 or 20 watts and the Agathon, but once you heard them with let's say 150 good watts, once you felt the bass impacts in your chest, there's no way coming back to low power SET.

The midrange is fabulous on those speakers, very well integrated with treble and bass.
I owned a lot of speakers from Verity audio, Talon, BW, Usher dancers, Hyperion but the Horning are here to stay.