Hooking a subwoofer to Naim Nait5i

Hi guys, I am out of the country with a small system that I feel sure I used with a sub I have here some years ago. Anyway, I have a Naim Nait 5i and a Velodyne SPL-R 10 sub and a pair of Totem "The One" speakers. Anyone familiar with the Naim and how to use this sub with it?

I am hopping on a very bad signal here for internet when I can get it and although sending this may take over an hour or two it might be quicker than jumping around sites for manuals etc.

Thanks in anticipation

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Hi TT,

Nice system. I do not know the Naim unit...typically, the Velodynes (which i have owned for over a dozen years) have 2 forms of input, sometimes 3.

Generally, for Totems (nice speakers)...i would suggest you either run the Velodyne in parallel (ie, running Totems full and running Velodyne separately). Just run a set of RCA cables from Naim to Sub.

Or you can use the internal crossover to save your Totems from delivering all the bass...use RCA cables from Naim preamp-out (assuming it has one), and then RCA cables from Velodyne back to Naim to drive the main speakers.

That said, the Totem One's have very good, very tight bass, and you might prefer NOT using the internal Velodyne crossover. Bass is one of Totem's unique strengths...may as well enjoy it.

Good luck...hope that is somewhat helpful.