Home Theatre Recommendations

Currently have fairly good "seperates" Lexicon MC1, B&W N803 & HTM1 Speakers and surrounds, Cinepro 3K6SE 6CH Amp, Plinius 2CH Amp, Wadia 860x CD Player, Pioneer Elite PRO 1000HD 50" Plasma TV etc..

I want to simplify the whole system by getting a good quality integrated receiver that also has good 2 channel music listening reproduction. I just don't have the appropriate room for it any longer. The room is 13' x 17' wood floors and a vaulted ceilings. The acoustics in the room don't justify the high quality components any longer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thje NAD T752 will float a decent HT system quite nicely.
I use mine to power a Spendor front trio and Boston Acoutics VR-MX surrounds with their PV1000 sub.
The "EARS" 5.1 stage synthesis from 2 ch stereo is a remarkably good one FOR MUSIC, too. Quite the surprise, and great on background FM, which is my use in addition to TV/movies. Have fun.
Luxman makes a nice HT receiver (remember Luxman?). Their stuff is hard to find in USA, but worth the quest. It tends to out perform the Denon receivers in cost and sound quality.
For 2-channel recievers

You must consider:
A) McIntosh
B) Magnum Dynalab