Home theater wired + wireless question

Hi guys,

I just purchased a Klipsch home theater system and I am hoping to also connect speakers in other rooms to the system as a separate zone setup for wireless.  

My question is: can I use wired klipsch speakers and make them wireless somehow without losing much audio quality?

The background:

I purchased a Klipsch reference bundle, but ended up getting the reference premier set as well.  Now I will be selling the reference subwoofer and center speaker and the yamaha receiver that came with the reference bundle, but keeping everything else.  Here is my hopeful plan if you guys can help it come to fruition:

Home theater setup:

Onky RZ830 (although I may swap this out for something else (suggestions?) because onkyo support told me my speakers are too powerful for it.

Klipsch 8060FA floor standing pair
Klipsch 504C center
Klipsch RP500M rears
Klipsch SPL120 sub
Extra speakers I was hoping to make wireless:

Klipsch 625FA floorstanding pair -- was hoping to put these in the bedroom for music
Klipsch R-41 bookshelf speakers -- hoping to put these in another bedroom for music.
Klipsch 52c center -- thinking about putting this one in the bathroom for music.

Do you guys know if it's possible to make these all wireless?  I also would love to make the rears for the home theater wireless as well because otherwise I have to somehow find a way to stretch wires all along the walls of my living room without it looking too obvious.

Also, anyone have recommendations as far as speaker stands for the rears or a pad for the subwoofer to help minimize vibration to my downstairs neighbors?

I really appreciate the help!
The downstairs noise is not coming from the tiny little foot print of each speaker. Its coming from the entire floor (and walls, and everything else) being vibrated by the volume those speakers are putting out. So you won't like the answer but the answer is the answer: turn the friggen volume down.

I haven't turned it up yet haha.  Just trying to be respectful in advance.  The speakers haven't been on yet.  I just live in a condo so don't want to disturb neighbors.  Also, low frequency sound transfers through floors much more, which is why I was trying to think of ways to address the sub.