home theater help

I have recently entered the market for home theater equiptment. can anyone recommend a processor and amp. I have heard the krell showcase and sounds real good. what about other names b & k, meridian , Sunfire. I plan to use my wilson 6 for the fronts, and bypass when in 2 channel. I like tube amp sound with low level detail. Last of all is all this equiptment necessary with home theater or is a receiver like b & k more than able to do the job of providing it all. Someone also recommended not to use my wilsons and use M&K 5000 all around, however there doesn't seem to be a store near phila. area with them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially form people who have actually AB'ed some products. Thanks for looking.
I went through a lot and ended up loving my Anthem stuff.
Sunfire probably makes the most 'tube-like' hometheater gear, and they just recently came out with an all in one reciever. I'd pick that up and save a ton of $$$ since 2ch seems your main priority.
I went through a lot and ended up liking my Krell Showcase although it's fairly expensive.