Highest B/B

Looking for the highest Bang for the Buck s.s. amp to break in a pair of inefficient speakers. Sonic quality is less important. Use tubes for all my listening anyway. Probably need minimum 150wpc @8ohms though ratings can be misleading. Have in mind Bryston 4B-ST. Any other choices ?
Thanks. Bob.
I thought I had read everything, but this truly takes the cake. If you are, as the above threads say, looking for something that does not sound good, and will only be used to break in a pair of speakers why would you not just go to your local "discount consumer electronic store" and buy the cheapest high powered reciever one could buy? At least, in my case, I could then take it to the guarge and have music while working on my next project. This begs the question, are my speakers properly broken in??????
I am looking for an amp just to burn in speakers.This is going to sound conceited but you know when you're on that 'audiophilic' frame of mind & using tubes for so long, you forget there are things like DJ amps & consumer style receivers. But they're definitely valid options. Thanks for all your input.
Why don't you just BORROW something. If not that, go to ebay and you can find some 100wpc old receiver from the 70's that will be lucky to get two bids it is yours for $10 +shp.
The best advice I can give you is to buy something that is easliy resellable. And that means a good name brand. You need not worry about spending $1,000 if you are going to recover $850. Have a hard look at Bryston, as their 20 year transferable warranty makes them easy to resell and they are a good quality SS amp with lots of guts to excercise those woofers. Besides, the warranty may come in handy if you should overdrive the thing. You can pick up a 4B for about $1,000 or less, or 4BST for around $1400 and you will be able to sell it in three years for almost the same. Classe also has decent resale value.

If you (a) stick with reliable, brand names and (b) check the Audiogon Blue Book value vs recent eBay and Audiogon auctions, you'll be able to recover much of your investment when you resell. You may even make a few bucks if you buy wisely! --Lorne
If you have a friend with a SS setup, just switch speakers for awhile (if they are up for it).