High output MC cartridges


I have a Parasound P7 pre-amp which has a phono stage selectable between MM and MC. I would like to try a MC cartridge on my Music Hall TT. I understand that a high output MC is basically designed for amps with MM stages only. My question is, would I get sonic benefits from getting a high output MC or should I stick with a low output. Thanks.
It is entirely dependent on the sensitivity of your preamps phono stage. Not all MC phono stage will handle really low output MCs. Compare the output of the cartridge with the input necessary to drive your phono stage to full output. You may find you need the HOMC despite having a MC stage.
low output is considered less colored / distorted due to the reduced number of coil windings within the cartrige. Note that I say "considered" because that may not always be the case. But the bottom line is that if there's any 'sonic benefits' between low vs high output, the low output would probably be considered better. I do not know enough about the various products available that I could even have a qualified opinion in that regard, although there are many members here who do.
The specs on your Parasound may be rated in terms of the "dB gain" of MM and MC stages. Higher gains are required for lower output cartriges. High gain (I believe) is in the range of 60, 65, 70dB. Lower gain might be more like 45 or 50dB. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
A commonplace work-around for using a low output cartrige with a lower-gain phono stage, is an outboard phono step-up transformer. These can range in price from the economical to the absurd. I once used a Signet transformer with satisfactory results for not a lot of $.
You might consult with your local dealer, or the manufacturer's customer support dept. in order to determine the best way to go.
Also consider a variable reluctance type cartrige design (Grado) which can yield higher outputs without the drawbacks of more coil windings. This is a whole 'nother topic' so I won't go into detail, although there's much info already available in the analogs forums archives.
If you decide to go the high-output MC route, try the Dynavector DV-10X5. Its an outstanding cart. for the price.
I had a Benz Ebony H which was one great cartridge. I changed to the low output Ebony LP and got a bit more refinement - I was looking for that Holly Grail. In fact, the high ouput was Very good, letting my pre just loaf, which provided great dynamic swings. Recommended