High end audio - London

Anyone know any quality audio shops in London worth visiting.

Specifically looking for a dealer stocking T + A gear.

Are you buying or window shopping. I was "escorted" out of a store once they determined that I was not likely to purchase anything substantial. Window shopping was NOT allowed. And it wasn't like they sell $$$$ gears. Hard to buy for us Americans with the voltage/plug differences.

I like Walrus Audio. They do mostly online business, so the store was not much to look at, but the owner was friendly and great to chat with. I bought a record brush and 2 replacement belts for my turntable, but I hung out and chatted with him for hours. He was busy answering phones, but never pressured me to leave.

I don't but I demoed a t+a integrated that was digital and found the speaker control to be amazing but the sound to be somewhat flat or two dimensional. Glassy is not really a good word, but a polished glass has two dimensions in my mind if that makes any sense.
Frank, I think high end dealers recognise tyre kickers the world over. Even if your a keen audiophile, if youur not buying, your a tyre kicker.

The highest end is probably:


I have never been there, but it stocks pretty elevated stuff. Most of the high end stores are closed, replaced by guys working from home, like Graham of Tron amps fame at GTAudio and Keith at AngelSounds Audio, both are near London, but they are set up for specific demos. As Bjesien says,Walrus is a great store, if a bit idiosyncratic, run by real enthusiasts.