High efficiency speakers for home theater?

Any recommendations for a speaker system for a home theater that are high in efficiency? I have two Rogue 88 amplifiers and would buy a third for the necessary channels. I'd like to run in triode but could switch to ultralinear for movies. Very large horn speakers are out of the question. Any help would be appreciated. Obviously prefer matching speakers from same manufacturer.
I think it would help everyone if you were to state a price range you want to work within for the entire speaker system.

I'm not sure how 'high' in efficiency you are seeking, however, Von Schweikert has a number of speaker systems including the VR2 floorstanding speaker for R&L, the matching LCR15 for center, and the VR1's for surrounds.
I've been told VS dealers can offer special package deals on complete systems - I know a couple of dealers that do so.

My brother has the M&K 750thx surround system and loves it.
Axiom out of Canada for a good but relatively inexpensive system.
And plenty others.
There are three other lines of speaker systems that you should also investigate, particularly if you are planning to use them for HT as well as music:
1. Klipsch (US);
2. JBL (US);
3. Coincident Technologies (Canadian).
I would definately check out Coincident Technologies. Great speakers with great efficiency. They all love triode!


i second the Klipsch, it does not take alot of power to make them scream
Soliloquys will rock out with very little power. And are great for music as well.

Good Luck!
Thanks. I am looking to spend 3-4k for the five speaker system. I already have a sub(REL) so that isn't necessay.
Once again, the Von Schweikert at full retail is:
VR2 = $2500.
VR1 = $1000.
LCR = $750.

Most dealers will give a discount for a package system.
Good Luck
There is one other speaker line with high effiency that I should have included on my list above: the Legacy Audio line. Their Focus 20/20 is quite efficient (rated at 96db sensitivity, as I recall), and a very fine speaker. I had my first chance to hear the 20/20 (and their much larger brother, The Whisper) about 2 months, and I was very impressed. Legacy is building some fine speakers (if you don't mind their rather clunky styling).