High Definition Radio

I have been reading about high definition radio ad would love to get my hands on one of the new DAY Sequerra tuners. Any one have any advice?
I spoke to someone at DaySequerra asking them about the digital out, he says the HDRadio broadcasts in 44.1 kHz. That's cool, you can plug it into your digital front end. I just hope we're still going to beable to hear the transparency a good analog tuner can pull in. Live classical performances on FM are just stunning, I hope we don't loose that aspect for HDRadio.

Has anyone started listening to HD Radio yet?
I guess,- help me out here. The station says its Hi-Def but I just have regular tuners do I need to have a Hi-Def tuner as well?
I've seen a couple of HD Radio tests here in the local San Jose newspaper. Not high-end equipment at all - combination units around the $400 mark.

It was interesting to read about the way digital radio works, but the sound quality was not noted as being significantly better than FM. I am yet to hear one.

See my review of the Yamaha RX-V4600 HD receiver in The Audiophile Voice.
Don Scott