High-Current Amp require grounded AC wall outlet?

Hi.I am interested in Stratos(Odessey)amp which reportedly is delivering 120 ampere with the optional upgrade of 120000 uf cap. However,my house AC wall outlet is not grounded. Would a full sonic benefit of such high-current amp(Stratos) be expected if I plug it directly into the AC wall socker? I am very anxious to hear from you and your explaination,suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot.
If you have wiring run in conduit, a grounded outlet may be an easy inexpensive upgrade. Many outlet manufacturers make code approved outlets with captive (clip) mounting screws which can connect to metal boxes and via conduit establish a ground. If you have a voltmeter or an inexpensive outlet testor and a cheater plug you can test for whether this is a possiblity.
You might also look for a copper water pipe or drive an 8' grounding rod through your floor into the earth. Thats where it all ends up sooner or later.