Hi Rez Network Audio

Currently, I am streaming music around my house from my iMac/Synology NAS/iTunes and an Apple Air Port system. I know that iTunes/Airport streams 16/44 so I’ve plugged the air port into a Cambridge Soundworks Dacmagic (upsampling DAC) and the DAC into a pair of Audioengine A5’s. I Believe this setup means that high Rez tracks (HD Tracks, Naim, etc.) sent through the system downsample to 16/44 and then presumably re-upsample to their native rates via the DAC. I also have an airport connected to my big rig via a Musical Fidelity upsampling DAC.

Is there a better way to play High Rez through WiFi? Would one of the wireless systems from Dynaudio or KEF do a better job? I know speakers from this companies would most likely better HiFi, but would they perform better as a streaming system any better than what I’m presently doing? I’m also wanting to eliminate pesky random dropouts while I’m listening to music around the house. Thanks for any input. Roger
Once HiRez has been downsampled that is it - end of story. What additional resolution there was is gone. Whether that matters is a different story: there are good arguments in favour of the view that 16/44 is as good as is needed for perfect reproduction. However, if you want to stay with HiRez without breaking the bank, why not get a Chromecast Audio? It will go up to 24/96. See here for a test: http://archimago.blogspot.nl/2016/02/measurements-google-chromecast-audio_27.html