High quality amplifier and network player >200W

Here's a puzzle for you, Hi-Fi gear experts.

I would like an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier + network player combo that..

has the following:
  - is a 2-channel Class AB amplifier
  - delivers at least 100W into 8 ohms at THD+N < 0.05%
  - preferably delivers at least 200W into 8 ohms at THD+N < 0.01%
  - can dive down to 2 ohms for musical transients (my Canton Reference 5K speakers go down to 3 ohms)
  - can play 192k FLAC files from a DLNA server or USB Hard Drive (DSD and MQA playback are a plus)
  - can be controlled via a remote and a mobile app
  - MSRP is below $5000 (the less, the better - I am also open to buy used)
  - no need to mention I am looking for the best sound quality I can get

doesn't necessarly need to have the following:
  - tone controls
  - Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, etc.
  - FM Radio
  - internet radio
  - a ton of digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  - subwoofer out
  - Headphones amplifier
  - multiroom
  - Bluetooth
  - other extra features besides the ones listed above

Here are some candidates I already identified in the marketplace - with their downsides:
  - The combo Cambridge Audio Azur 851N+851W: no real downsides, but I am convinced I can get better amp performance in this price range :)
  - Yamaha R-N803D: has a lot of extra features I don't need and only delivers 100W at 0.019% THD; but is quite cheap @ $800
  - Hegel H360: not very clear if the DLNA functionality works only with a network storage - seems that it needs an uPnP-capable media player. Price is quite high (around $6000 new; however on the used market dives down to $3000)
  - Rotel RT-1570 + RB-1582 MKII: streamer is entry-level, amp doesn't have very good reviews
  - NAD M32 + BluOS v2: is a class D amplifier
  - Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225: has a lot of extra features I don't need (CD Player, ripper)

- I use Canton Reference 5K speakers (https://www.canton.de/en/reference-k/reference-5-k) and I mostly listen to Jazz and Classical music with a dash of Pop from time to time.
- I would, of course, preffer a one-box solution to my puzzle :)

If you have other recommendations, please enlighten me!

Thank you very much in advance!
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I haven’t heard it myself but how about the Gold Note is-1000? Gold Note makes some nice gear, I do use their phono unit.
Wow! Thank you, guys! Keep going, don't stop :)
I just bought the RN803 and will be returning it. It doesn't have enough power to drive my Polk 705 spkrs..Previously I had a Parasound 2250 driving them and they sounded great..With the RN803 they sound lifeless. I imagine that receiver might be fine for a pair of bookshelf spkrs but with 88db towers not so much...
Used Micromega M100. Integrated A/B amp, DAC, streamer with built in DNLA support, Tidal, radio staions on the app, room correction. 
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To whom landed here from Google searches and might have a simmilar dillema - some explanations below.

First, my rationale: I wanted clear, articluate, punchy bass. Therefore, I went for a floor-stander that goes down to 20Hz. Or at least to 25Hz. And I don't mean the 25Hz written in the spec sheet (-10dB/1m), but the one in tests, with room response at -6dB/2.5m.

Further on, I looked for an amp that can sustain and control that bass. That is - at least 200W into 8 ohms which must double into 4 ohms.

Also, for crystal-clear vocals and sparklinkg instruments (piano, violin, guitar), one must go for the best mid-range there is (usually only found in the reference series of speakers).

Therefore, for top-notch sound in the bass and mid-range, you'd want a "flagship", "higher-end", "signature", "reference", "top of the line" amplifier and speakers, plus cabling, room treatment and good speaker positioning.

Here are the finalists - partially extracted from StereoPlay's latest rank (June 2019) combined with my personal research.

Reference class A/B amps with DAC and at least 200W/8 ohm which doubles into 4 ohms (approximate MSRP prices):
- Gryphon Diablo 300 (18k with DAC)
- Mark Levinson Nº 585 (14k)
- McIntosh MA9000 (13k)
- Hegel H590 (10k)
- Maranz PM10 (Class D, 10k)
- Audionet DNA (10k)
- Perreaux 255i (8k)
- Krell Digital Vanguard (7.8k)
- Anthem STR (6k)
- Hegel H390 (6k)

Reference Speakers that in-room go below 30Hz at -6dB/2.5m (approximate MSRP prices):
- KEF Blade Two (25k)
- Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3 (22k)
- Canton Reference 1K (20k)
- Monitor Audio Platinum PL500 II (20k)
- Focal Sopra No. 3 (20k)
- Audio Physic Avantera III (20k)
- Dynaudio Confidence 30 (20k)
- KEF Reference 5 (19k)
- Sonus Faber Amati Tradition (18k)
- Bowers & Wilkins 803 D3 (17k)
- Wilson Audio Sabrina (16k)
- Focal Sopra No. 2 (14k)
- Focal Kanta No. 3 (13k)
- Canton Reference 3K (10k)
- Dynaudio Contour 60 (10k)
- Nubert nuVero 170 (9k)
- Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3 (9k)

I got (May 2019) a Hegel H590 + Canton Reference 3K combo for ~9k euro (MSRP 20k) and they sound heavenly

The Canton Reference 3K in-room goes just a bit below 30Hz - but for lower bass I had to spend more - much more :(

The Hegel H590 best matched what I was searching for because of its detailed, neutral, crystal-clear DAC/amp and bass control. Also the lack of phono amp, headphone amp, tone controls, fancy/gloomy aesthetics and other features that I don't use/need - instead, the H590 focuses only on the things that matter to me the most: detailed sound, musicality, bass control, dynamics (it can deliver up to 2.2kW per channel into 1 ohm!), noise floor, quality DAC, basic streamer, minimal design etc.

Note that I listen mostly to acoustic music - jazz, ambient, chill-out, piano, instrumental and classical in a 25 square meter room.