High quality amplifier and network player >200W

Here's a puzzle for you, Hi-Fi gear experts.

I would like an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier + network player combo that..

has the following:
  - is a 2-channel Class AB amplifier
  - delivers at least 100W into 8 ohms at THD+N < 0.05%
  - preferably delivers at least 200W into 8 ohms at THD+N < 0.01%
  - can dive down to 2 ohms for musical transients (my Canton Reference 5K speakers go down to 3 ohms)
  - can play 192k FLAC files from a DLNA server or USB Hard Drive (DSD and MQA playback are a plus)
  - can be controlled via a remote and a mobile app
  - MSRP is below $5000 (the less, the better - I am also open to buy used)
  - no need to mention I am looking for the best sound quality I can get

doesn't necessarly need to have the following:
  - tone controls
  - Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, etc.
  - FM Radio
  - internet radio
  - a ton of digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  - subwoofer out
  - Headphones amplifier
  - multiroom
  - Bluetooth
  - other extra features besides the ones listed above

Here are some candidates I already identified in the marketplace - with their downsides:
  - The combo Cambridge Audio Azur 851N+851W: no real downsides, but I am convinced I can get better amp performance in this price range :)
  - Yamaha R-N803D: has a lot of extra features I don't need and only delivers 100W at 0.019% THD; but is quite cheap @ $800
  - Hegel H360: not very clear if the DLNA functionality works only with a network storage - seems that it needs an uPnP-capable media player. Price is quite high (around $6000 new; however on the used market dives down to $3000)
  - Rotel RT-1570 + RB-1582 MKII: streamer is entry-level, amp doesn't have very good reviews
  - NAD M32 + BluOS v2: is a class D amplifier
  - Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225: has a lot of extra features I don't need (CD Player, ripper)

- I use Canton Reference 5K speakers (https://www.canton.de/en/reference-k/reference-5-k) and I mostly listen to Jazz and Classical music with a dash of Pop from time to time.
- I would, of course, preffer a one-box solution to my puzzle :)

If you have other recommendations, please enlighten me!

Thank you very much in advance!
Krell Vanguard Digital? Got my attention, seen the price as low as 3k lately. Still thinking about it...laffs
I haven’t heard it myself but how about the Gold Note is-1000? Gold Note makes some nice gear, I do use their phono unit.
Wow! Thank you, guys! Keep going, don't stop :)
I just bought the RN803 and will be returning it. It doesn't have enough power to drive my Polk 705 spkrs..Previously I had a Parasound 2250 driving them and they sounded great..With the RN803 they sound lifeless. I imagine that receiver might be fine for a pair of bookshelf spkrs but with 88db towers not so much...
Used Micromega M100. Integrated A/B amp, DAC, streamer with built in DNLA support, Tidal, radio staions on the app, room correction.