hi output MM=too little gain

Using Adcom hi output crosscoil MC VDHII cart OR Bang&Olufsen MMC-1 thru Yamaha C2-x preamp/Krell FPB 300/B&W 801Ns, not enough gain thru MM input.
Can turn volume up fully and, although it's pretty loud, it's nowhere as loud as it could/should be. I've installed 10db attenuaters to Tuner & CD to keep all input levels nearer to each other.
Adcom is 2.3mv@5cm/s, MMC-1 is 2.12mv@5cm/s, however MMC is slightly louder despite lower rated output. If I run the Adcom hi output MC thru the MC input in the pre and engage the -10db phono swx, it sounds pretty good w/1K ohm loading selected, but is now too loud + my second TT is hopelessly weak in MM input (-10db swx in rear of pre affects all phono inputs). I need more gain, but i don't want a complicated solution to running 2 low ouput turntables. Phil
Dear Phil: If your C2x has main balanced outputs then run in balanced way to the Krell.

If not and assuming that the preamp is on specs, then or you change the cartridges or you change the Yamaha.

Regards and enjoy the music.